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Why be an Ice Vol?

There is no place like hockey top.

"I love the family-like atmosphere when we travel to the road games and even being on the ice" -Sam Hale

"I feel that not only have I been able to continue my career in hockey, but I have the opportunity of being apart of something truly beneficial as a growing individual. Having guys there for you no matter what the case, school, friends, and a family is what I found within the club" -Gavin Damewood 

"It's a great way to meet new people that share the same interests as you that you are likely to form life long friendships with." -Ian Tulk

"It's a great team to be with, we've got the best group of guys you can play with and I love being a part of it." -Ben Northern

"This team gave me an outlet to continue my career at the collegiate level. The degree of professionalism the players and staff bring day in and day out is why I came here and why we will continue to have success in the future" -Robert Stobierski

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