• Abby Rase

Big Hockey Weekend!

It really was hockey time in Tennessee this weekend. As the UT Ice Vols traveled to Nashville on Friday to take on Vanderbilt, the Knoxville Ice Bears played at home against the Quad City Storm. While the Ice Vols unfortunately lost both Friday and Saturday night games, the Ice Bears came out victorious, beating the Storm 2-1 Friday Night, and 4-3 Saturday.

The Ice Bears showed their UT pride during their college night promotion Friday night with specialty University of Tennessee jerseys, proudly showcasing the 'Power T' and the famous orange and white checkerboard. Yet, these were not the only jerseys that were UT related at this game. The Ice Vols were represented by the Knoxville Ice Bears Energy Team, as they wore the teams jerseys all night. Many Ice Bears fans around the coliseum were also wearing their Ice Vol gear- hats, shirts, and jerseys, old and new.

It’s incredible to see our fans stick with us, whether we are leading the rankings or bringing up the back. We send out a huge thank you to the people who continuously support us, and let’s finish this season strong.

We hope to see you SEC weekend! Click the link below for your tickets.

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