• Abby Rase

Mia Becker is No Damsel in Distress

The SECHC tournament took place this past weekend, Feb. 8th-10th. The Ice Vols first game took place on Friday, against the University of Georgia Ice Dawgs. While the Ice Vols did not come out victorious in this game, they obviously had a star on the ice- Mia Becker. Becker is an MBA candidate at the University of Tennessee, and one of three female goalies in the SECHC. In Friday's game, Becker made an impressive 56 saves on 70 shots on goal. Becker proved through this performance that she is a key aspect of the Ice Vols, and easily one of the most talented goalies in the SECHC.

Mia Becker (right) and Emily Barber (left) at the Friday game.

Mia Becker showed her skills against the Vanderbilt University Commodores on Saturday as well, this time as a forward.

Yes, you read that right. Mia Becker, female goalie, played as a forward. (Can she be anymore impressive?)

Becker played around 6 shifts against Vandy, and she did not disappoint. While it was a bit out of her element trying to get a puck into the net, she still gave the commodores some trouble. Becker made 2 shots on goal; however, both were blocked by Vanderbilt's goalie, Josh Vertolli.

Becker's performance over the weekend proved her remarkable talent, as well as displaying her ferocity and competitiveness on the ice. Mia Becker is an inspiration to all girls in sport, and a living, breathing example of why hockey is for everyone.

The Ice Vols lost against the Vanderbilt University Commodores with a score of 2-12. The Ice Vols finished their season ranking 8th in both the SECHC and the SECHC tournament.